DRAINFILM, a documentary about lake water loss, needed Leahy Group to build a marketing website to educate audiences regarding a major problem facing the Great Lakes region.

Alexz Johnson

Major label recording artist and TV star Alexz Johnson worked with Leahy Group to release the Skipping Stone EP, and raise $75k on Kickstarter to tour the country.


CEO of Rapt.FM hired LGMC to re-skin the Rapt site to bring the website up to traditional web standards.


“Life is short. Do stuff that matters.” - Startup Vitamins

The Leahy Group is a go-to swat team of proven innovators for design, product strategy, web & mobile development, video marketing, social media and music management. Excelling in a variety of departments and industries has it upsides, as we learn from every project we take on. Our work and clients have been picked up by Variety, Techcrunch, Mashable, Huffington Post, MTV Buzzworthy, Billboard Magazine, MLive, and more.

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Drew Leahy

Founder: Product Guy, Manager

When an apple fell on Drew’s head, he said to himself, “Whoa. I have all these talented friends, why don’t I bring all of them together? Oh yeah, and I also love music!” The Leahy Group was formed, and a house was built over several years. We painted the house some cool colors, put a ghetto blaster boombox in the corner, and invited artists and entrepreneurs to come hang out. At the house, people listen to some pretty rad music, eat organic food, and code quality technology products.

Pablo Lastra

Co-Founder: Design, UX/UI Dude

Hey I’m Pablo Lastra, friends usually call me Baco, I live in a warm city near the beach in Colombia that’s called Barranquilla. I love surfing, traveling, playing computer games, but most of all, I love designing beautiful and usable graphic interfaces, it doesn’t matter if it is for mobile, web or whatever related to technology. I’ve achieved my degree of graphic design from Universidad del Norte on this year (2014) but I already have 5 years of work experience in this field, I’ve worked for tech companies like Koombea and LiveDeal.

Ryan Leahy

Co-founder: Business Guy

Hey There! I am Ryan, a Boston dwelling, football loving, beer drinking, former Product Manager at LetsPour, and skilled in bring companies from ideas to execution. With a Master of Education in working with college students, I particularly enjoy working on projects that can impact colleges students and universities. In my spare time, I enjoy relaxing with my wife and 11 month old yellow lab in one of Boston's many park.